Saturday, 19 April 2008

this a fourth verse about the cleric of Southwark who banned Blake's Jerusalem, Blake saw Jerusalem as the bride of Christ which is a reasonable model for any one... methinks.
Now the disappointment is honey mooned into the future life of the bride i pen a further poem
lives about the young and the struggle of it ...

psychic clay not to be mined or thrown on a wheel

it's hard to keep faith
in the coffee-grind and sweaty hair of cappuccino time,
for a hard-breathing-clear eyed idealist
with firm thighs and a pert blouse that bounces

a teacher who like her and a third world feeling
for eye treatment radio and a well for village life
prey to the faith-in-loving lyrics
the truly lazy offer

two bedrooms more and a larger lawn
habits like parking in front lead lined windows
eyes reddening in shadows and swirl of curtain, and
well-fed waiting crying poor-mouth to make taste rich

the pretty girl
fingers straight as a check out key
blinks back the long grimed day
and the longer struggle of a loving heart

she knows how long it really takes
to dig a veggie patch on a wet spring day
and the Kremlin tower of a leek flower
working to give a kitchen the smell of heaven

and granny's old mahogany bed
the thump of life they all said she loved