Sunday, 13 April 2008


no truth merit or grace for salvation army sally

surrogate sister of mercy shapely as a saint
cruises down the sinning streets singing songs of patience
waiting for a second flood

burned with the spaces and absence of blessing
she smiled back behind the blindfold, I'm supple
beneath the bandage she told us lifting cloth

stone circles of divines in seas of verbal nonsense
scream lay-lines of faith
each at the other's compass

blind priest blind church blind church blind vision
what we need are priests that see
and priests who save each other

Then she said I am so sad this is not how I meant to be
this happiness came over me
while they were facing quite another way, see,

see, in the patchy grass wild flowers white and gold
a child is laughing voice and limbs
rise and play small things are stirring, washed

all things are shining
words beating like wings in the heart
sing ancient rights hard won