Wednesday, 30 April 2008

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The search lines are here for research students and interested Blake readers..............or those who want Blake's The Four Zoas 'explained' or Jerusalem 'explained' in detail... or want to understand Blake's art more profoundly. Blake's art is embedded in his myths and thus his myth, symbol and story not understood, Blake's art is also poorly understood. My studies are about making sense of Blake's mythology. his myth, also thought of as his sublime allegory, (wittreich) has to be realised in the perceptions of readers and a like manner, myth and symbol is necessary to realise the iconic, typological and allegorical meanings of classical or renaissance art. likewise the geometry of composition is typically sacred such as in the theology of the ikon in bizantine art, its sacred geometry of internal symmetries and colours, and from the earliest, sacred architecture...and that means the indigenous circle builders and their clarity of astronomical alignments and so time.

an essential methodological principle is that there are many swirls of myths in Blake's mythology of Albion's fall and redemption... dynamic 'vortices' involved in multi inter engagements in multi complexities... foucault like vortices of them all as a whole in unity...such are the torus-like vortices of Albion's inner collapse... and there is no final definition until Plates 94-100.

Blake's depictions of mental energies are profound. It is a commonplace amongst Blake's audiences and analytic thinkers that he develops a causal cosmology of mental energies, events and materiality that is of extraordinary value to to our understanding of human consciousness itself. his value is enhanced by his universality...though he is christian, his readers need not be.

Though he sees a four-fold unity with Christ, others may see that Blake symbolises a 'god's eye' concept of time and space such outlined by polkinghorne(I discuss this in the opening chapters to Jerusalem Explained). Jungian and Freudian critics have long seen Blake's work as revealing that which otherwise is unrevealed even unconscious... his impact upon art is formidable. Blake's remarkable poetic re-creations of mind and processes of dream and waking self-revelation are known as very valuable... god or no god so to speak.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

To the Southwark of The Globe, The Swan and The Fortune, the bear pit and the taverns and happyhouses and the the Blakeless Bride. The genius of Southwark? The cleric failed to see the chances are few for the pounding heartbeat of self kenosis in art and love and life in Southwark, and the jewel of Blake's hymn, Jerusalem.

no flower once picked grows back however strong the stem

her got done too, sent back
failed to meet the something ...
Off the list now
Breath-bated and clogged-ears in the charity camps

Banjos in the tunnels by the air blasts
cloth caps tin cups coins
and a wild-eyed child with a dummy
in a crowd of kneecaps and pounding feet.

Airless hairless and eyeless
and groaning in Gaza the lot of us
Not a temple to think on
nor jaw-bone to recall.

There's an asteroid on its way as big as Gibraltar
Galileo's under house arrest
Crime pays, rules tax
ans superheated lava fills the caverns left by gas wells

the round glass circles of the cathedral roses
and grounded mazes give hope
there's rumours of oxygen outside the windows of the world
stars do last longer than poverty, says the vatican, Infallibly.

But eternity's an idea that experiences nothing
Nothing of the bone-cold concrete dirt
of a rough shaveless life
in the midst of surplus waste

Saturday, 19 April 2008

this a fourth verse about the cleric of Southwark who banned Blake's Jerusalem, Blake saw Jerusalem as the bride of Christ which is a reasonable model for any one... methinks.
Now the disappointment is honey mooned into the future life of the bride i pen a further poem
lives about the young and the struggle of it ...

psychic clay not to be mined or thrown on a wheel

it's hard to keep faith
in the coffee-grind and sweaty hair of cappuccino time,
for a hard-breathing-clear eyed idealist
with firm thighs and a pert blouse that bounces

a teacher who like her and a third world feeling
for eye treatment radio and a well for village life
prey to the faith-in-loving lyrics
the truly lazy offer

two bedrooms more and a larger lawn
habits like parking in front lead lined windows
eyes reddening in shadows and swirl of curtain, and
well-fed waiting crying poor-mouth to make taste rich

the pretty girl
fingers straight as a check out key
blinks back the long grimed day
and the longer struggle of a loving heart

she knows how long it really takes
to dig a veggie patch on a wet spring day
and the Kremlin tower of a leek flower
working to give a kitchen the smell of heaven

and granny's old mahogany bed
the thump of life they all said she loved

Tuesday, 15 April 2008



and all brides


She never saw beauty she was put away
folded like linen with skins of iron
magicked memories celibate ideals
and angels dancing up and down ladders
massaging the conscience of the world

The older we are the closer to timelessness,
Helen's lovely legs have yet to reach full stretch
not yet closed in the mercy of an unseeing eye.

Surprising where the last ditch stands are
where certain people are that's where
who simply fight until they simply die.

I don't wish to pass through any of your doors
she told each keeper of the keys in turn passing out the gates
by the smell of food tables and cowls bent forward
around her the temple keepers
crouched like stone lions waiting for Alexander.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


no truth merit or grace for salvation army sally

surrogate sister of mercy shapely as a saint
cruises down the sinning streets singing songs of patience
waiting for a second flood

burned with the spaces and absence of blessing
she smiled back behind the blindfold, I'm supple
beneath the bandage she told us lifting cloth

stone circles of divines in seas of verbal nonsense
scream lay-lines of faith
each at the other's compass

blind priest blind church blind church blind vision
what we need are priests that see
and priests who save each other

Then she said I am so sad this is not how I meant to be
this happiness came over me
while they were facing quite another way, see,

see, in the patchy grass wild flowers white and gold
a child is laughing voice and limbs
rise and play small things are stirring, washed

all things are shining
words beating like wings in the heart
sing ancient rights hard won

Saturday, 12 April 2008


life plan for believing fishes

Buzz buzz the see-saw
back and thrust slip-slide-slip-slide
rock-a-billy trombone call
to the glittering fantasia of young flesh and belly bouncers of dance
in the bumble stumble of the gene circus

Do you really want the fast food job that's every job?
want to sell and sell and chime the hour for a clocked amount?
while higher and higher the bonus for the boss
in the crime regulated
tick-tock number flash of taxation legislation

Do you really need this crap as the pretty girl's toothpaste
larger than a bill board's faithlessness
gives you the weather?
Without god sex or money there is only the weather
and the melting of the icecaps

Up jumped the archetype
in the ying yanking ad nonsense
whispering waves
that cook into yolk
brain dead pictures of prosperity

The higher the rank the easier
the sun-tanned cock-a-doodle-doo of glad stock tidings
paddling down the morning rivers of laundered plenty
crowing excellence is the greatest threat to
the survival of the richest

So my bonused beauties
bubbling in banquets and stemmed glasses
check out the inside run of long crossed legs
in the snake and ladder cocktails
of the davy jones casino

where numbers measure the holiness of manna on the monitor

Thursday, 10 April 2008

where is jerusalem here?

the elephant in the cathedral is the voice of recidivism.