Saturday, 12 April 2008


life plan for believing fishes

Buzz buzz the see-saw
back and thrust slip-slide-slip-slide
rock-a-billy trombone call
to the glittering fantasia of young flesh and belly bouncers of dance
in the bumble stumble of the gene circus

Do you really want the fast food job that's every job?
want to sell and sell and chime the hour for a clocked amount?
while higher and higher the bonus for the boss
in the crime regulated
tick-tock number flash of taxation legislation

Do you really need this crap as the pretty girl's toothpaste
larger than a bill board's faithlessness
gives you the weather?
Without god sex or money there is only the weather
and the melting of the icecaps

Up jumped the archetype
in the ying yanking ad nonsense
whispering waves
that cook into yolk
brain dead pictures of prosperity

The higher the rank the easier
the sun-tanned cock-a-doodle-doo of glad stock tidings
paddling down the morning rivers of laundered plenty
crowing excellence is the greatest threat to
the survival of the richest

So my bonused beauties
bubbling in banquets and stemmed glasses
check out the inside run of long crossed legs
in the snake and ladder cocktails
of the davy jones casino

where numbers measure the holiness of manna on the monitor