Sunday, 23 December 2007

for research students and interested Blake readers...............those who want Blake's The Four Zoas or Jerusalem explained in detail.......those who want to understand the structure explained and the symbolic meaning of Jerusalem and The Four Zoas analysed......those who want Blake's myth, story and characters explained and set in narrative context...........those who want to see as Blake saw.........that means in terms of Blake's four-fold, three-fold, two-fold and one-fold vision, narrative points of view, dramatic tension and use of irony and perception of tragic fall and redemption

I have re-introduced the search lines to the front of the blog. the first point i'd like to make is that the Plates can be individually called up.

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blake's textual analysis
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Friday, 21 December 2007

William Blake's Jerusalem Explained proof is copy edited and proof-read. the qualities of concentration, persistence, attention to detail, eye for any lumpiness of phrasing, editing out weak presentation of argument and research findings, and elevating poor English....... all talents were shown to me by my consultant copy editor. the book is noted on Amazon though not yet for sale through Amazon Books....after this proof copy is edited the process goes to e-marketing........... as it is, William Blake's Jerusalem Explained can be ordered by direct e-mail.

print on demand editing consultancy is a seriously enjoyable process with a good copy editor. colour specialist too.....layout and cover design needs a copy editor that is a fine art trained specialist colour theorist...and the IT editing skills...this time around i'll not be using colour................ but i'm thinking of a coloured plates edition with commentary sometime down the line, chiefly to produce a beautiful book............

......... for print on demand books, especially if there is colour involved, a top consultant like The William Blake Press is essential to produce a good book.....i might add my editor doesn't read my blog....too many mistakes......but I have learned a book is much harder to copy edit than a thesis....whether writing one or supervising or examining one........

.........watching the copy editor working is instructive....normally there is physical distance between writer and book or thesis......we don't tend to watch a proof-reader for a couple of hours for example. i've learned a lot from my editor while she creates a book.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

early december............. back to thinking about Blake. print on demand and editing thoughts follow...........this is signification and the semiology of writing. the technical is interfused with the drafting and redrafting casting the elements and recasting.....editing for the book to be there...... the product. the art.

two points to this blog...

first....... William Blake's Jerusalem Explained is being printed as I write...which satisfies me after many years of analysis. To take the process through the stages up to the book on Amazon has been a long process and echoes the technological isolation William and Catherine Blake found in taking everything through to the end. and in the end we have a single work of art we call the printed coloured copy. I have always wondered why Blake did not print more copies once the plates were cut. i hear the poverty argument, he was too poor and the expense.... but i wonder still at the uniqueness of his aesthetic focus. one unique work of art is the residue of failure to communicate. who then..... even now has worked out Blake?

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