Thursday, 29 October 2009


There's a thought to consider before absolute power in the zealot coup of President EU ...first among equals....

It does means some perspective on the dictator illusion of a big-daddy state. It took hundreds of years to get rid of the dictator. The Prime Minister is the first among equals. The other cabinet ministers are equals. That's why there's a constitutional monarchy. The crown holds all power and is not constitutionally empowered to use it. Thus the armed forces take an oath to the the crown not the prime minister, who is not above the law. no one was till Blair rewrote laws so that there was no law that applied to him.

by contrast, adolf hitler got the german armed forces to swear to him in the first few hours after hindenburg gave him power. the rest is history...oh, and 55,000,000 dead who didn't get to claim benefit.

The head of the EU should be first among equals. The chairperson. Bound by rules to follow in the exercise of the chair. No veto of a majority vote. Minutes are required, and right to add to minutes. No armed forces of Europe under the direct orders of the president. No right to make 'tough decisions'. No 'strong man' to lead us to China's parades and and the booted heart of the zealot right

Why do we need the term 'president'?. Why not chairman? like chairman Mao? Or Captain of EU? Think of a term?

Why do we need more sexed-up-dossiers of weapons of mass destruction, or war or pure bell-tones of selfhood called President of Spin and the First Lady of Webs on the moneyed cat walk.