Thursday, 15 October 2009

How much time it all takes? Blake really stayed with it. The proof is edited and sent back. The process is well worth it. From beginning to end.

The politics of democracy seem to have died in Europe.

A new dark ages seems about to have returned...the medieval days of darkness when Europe 'went inquisition' and the torches went out save for human torches. recidivism rules and the reforms of Vat II are reformed out, and as with all recidivism we do not return to the reform, but to the generation before the generation of reform. Back two generations to reform the reform out. Everything is silent save the strident shriek of the banking status quo and the shuffle of the votes of the feet. The 1930's dictators and fusions of sectarian state funding and feudal capitalism. The concordats.

The word democracy has died. Just the sound fades away.....Freedom fries....