Tuesday, 27 October 2009

1930's solutions for 2030 problems

Dictatorships don't work, we have tried it. Or it has been imposed on us,

save for bill of rights, and magna carta, and juries, and progressive taxation and free enterprise and votes in and votes out.........A new thing is here... the tsar of all europe....UK has the legislation for a police state....and the data.

27 elected heads of state appoint from a group that have been voted out. The ex-leaders of state are the pool to elect a lord of the rings or Pontifex Maximus/ Divine Caesar/ Tsar to rule the other rings?.

And the new person can write his own rules this time around having been got rid of after 10 years of the worst financial catastrophe in history. Except for the biggest boom in China's history. And boom boom boom boom in Iraq's recent happinesses.

Crime has got the opiates and cannibis for Afgan...now the shooting starts and then all the little taliban's will go neutral and the US can go home. There's no one TALEBAN...just like there is no dissedent IRA.

Four aides for Tony. Five to rule all? We are in the banker's bunker.

Darkness. freedom fries