Tuesday, 16 October 2007

review of the blog oct 07

this is an evolving blog....it is continually revised and freshed, .......while detailed and scholarly at times. e-mails to me frequently let me know it is found to be very readable.

there are different sections in it....i'll review them in three main groups for ease of reading:

1...... i list over 90 search lines from Google in which this web site is listed number one or on page one. the site list as strongly in Yahoo and other search engines too.

2..... there are three sections dealing with Blake's crafted and consistant 'narrative points of view': namely his 'within' and 'without' myth; his use of finite and infinite geography; and embedded in his text, his two-fold, three-fold and four-fold vision. in context these are original to the field.

3......i deal vigorously and precisely with Blake's two Night(s) the Seventh, and shown how they are reconciled....i compare this to music.....in an analogy just as two speaker give two sides of a musical arrangement, different in the instruments and musical task, that together create a third, fully harmonised, whole in the mind of the listener, so too did Blake consciously reconcile the two Night(s) the Seventh.

this hypothesis in context is original throughout the textual analysis per se, and, till this site was published seemed unknown by all scholars who have completed later full scale studies of The Four Zoas. this study is in fact the first full-scale study and remains original throughout.

4......i deal in some detail with Blake's anglo-celtic christian myth, especially Joseph of Arimathea.....in Blake's Chapter 3, To The Jews, in his Jerusalem...... this study is paleographic, historical, archeological, and theological....in it i call upon some modern research on the Dead Sea scrolls.