Friday, 16 November 2007

i've made revisions area needing on-going adaptation is the self-contradictory phrase called 'pre-history'. professional scholarly understandings of the important findings of stone circles and the indigenous ante-druidic culture are evolving quickly .....i had one of many thoughts turning through the photographic records.

why aren't the rocks and engravings protected? protected from decay....

one looks at the extraordinary number of stone/wood circles/standing stones, hills, graves and chambers and the like now found and still counting across europe and the meditterean, and roughly calculate the hours of labour and the logistics of supply, food, hygene and shelter, and noting the labour that was used was that left after survival 'work', and consider the infra structure of support, there seems little depth in the stereotypical claim for a scattered small population of hunter/gatherers. all waiting for cuniform, slavery and the pyramids, rome and the world wide empire.

These romano centered/mediterreanean centered histories are flat-earth, elite god priest/king divinities......the first reformation seemed to be islam...and the absolute finish of the roman empire....add gaul and britain (occupied by the celts 600-400 bce) and that's it...........basque celts under red-haired isabella stops islam as the saxon/polis euros stopped them in north.........pontfex maximus colonised s. america for the human bbq....islam into afganistan, pakistan and india.....

there was a richly subtle international culture for millenia before the relatively recent cuniform cultures marshes corn cultivated, weaving, jewelry, medicines and drugs, permanent highly effective, complex astronomically based calandars and stellar knowledge, stone houses and long term oak buildings and food available to the skilled indigenous population including the beaker people and pottery and metals.

....the ill-cut animal skins and shapeless uncut hair of 'our ancestors' seems ludicrous many hides did one cure to make even a few clothes? the thrown bearskin over the shoulders and waving animal taisl on the grunting straggling wanderers are like cartoons.......see rudgley at oxford

......however with cuniform, stone, not much timber and immortality-driven-tomb builders seemed to come institutionalised slavery. .....or enforced the east.... chin took out 700,000 odd workers from the whole population for a generation to build his 'magic tomb'...........immortality became limited to a human life...for everandeverandever. then the patriarchy

henges, pyramids....greece...rome...mediterranean theocracies and despotism..... all about a few lights in the sky and time deemed holy. pyschoses of holiness. the crucifixion ended god-as-time......bearing in mind the idea of a beginning is a recent year '0' or year '1' in non-masoritic theologies......the ideas of the world starting in a year (solar/lunar and both....with intercalations and animals and people being killed to ensure the stars will turn, the eclipses will come to and end, and of course that God started it all 4-5000 years ago. Blake's represents all this at the end of Chapter 3.....for Blake, Christ breaks through all of the determined 28 heavens of serial time and utterly transforms two-fold vision and the ideas of time, ideas of power, control of procreation and human breeding stock, and ideas of economic control.....thus Blake's sociology describes two-fold perceptual being as deficient structures of priests, kings, petty officials (tax collectors), warriors, slave labour, prostituted females and sacrificed children. his vision sees with three-fold vision. Christ is four-fold vision.

the celts and saxons were not the circle builders.........there is a lot of archeology yet to come. middle east is really builders built right there all over jordan and israel sryia etc. evidence is stones by the thousand...2000-5000 bce...indigenous,

coming 'later' is cuniform in west.......... and hierogliphic in east........ sets indigenous humans in an 'unexamined well' or 'pre-history'....which methodologically is a self-contradiction to archeology

finishing the last tweaks to William Blake's Jerusalem Explained.....the solutions found by my copy editor at The William Blake Press: Cambridge essential. nothing done without Rhonda fact she's formatted the book. huge effort.

i'm tying it to The International Society of Human Rights at the United Nations. blake a key figure in literature and art in the great tradition of enhancing our spiritual articulations in practical living and human justice.