Thursday, 20 September 2007


My book........ William Blake's Jerusalem Explained will be printed soon........print on is important to me that this individual process completes the first full line-by-line analysis of Jerusalem....which like the line-by-line study of The Four Zoas, has no footnotes throughout the analysis per se, for as the PhD committee confirmed about The Four Zoas, it is original throughout; i have updated the standard doctoral opening of the 'survey of the field' for The Four Zoas thus the academic context is fresh. the content as peer-reviewed is as original throughout as it has been first draft 1981 and final award of PhD 1984.....taking into account i remind myself, i started 1970...... like my doctoral research, William Blake's Jerusalem Explained is original throughout the analysis per se, yet as always, embedded in the work of others.

for interest, further, the first translation of Jerusalem into brazilian portugese is currently completed and will be printed in brazil being translated by Saulo Alencastre ............ i was invited to write an introduction. i was surprised when Saulo let me know some of the existing translations of Blake into portugese:

Manuel Portela.......

Sete Livron Illuminados (Seven Illuminated Books): namely
All Religions Are One
There is No Natural Religion
The Book of Thel
The Book of Los
The Song of Los

Jose Antonio Arentes.........................

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The Book of Thel

Saulo writes to tell me of a publishing house, Antigona:

Songs of Innocence
Island on the Moon
Pickering Manuscript

further Saulo recalls at least four translations of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, two of The Songs and two short poem selections.

His translation of Blake's massive epic Jerusalem to my mind is an extraordinary visionary journey and a significant contribution indeed.