Tuesday, 17 July 2007

METATEXT 8 : search strings for fields and fields of freedom

i did say i'd provide something like this.

here are a series of possible research paths. for context, the site....thefourzoas.com....is ranked on page 1 of Google. the site is also on the first page of virtually all other search engine rankings too, it is also on page 2 or 3 on many other angles of search process that are not pointed to below. it makes sense to walk through the alternative paths and idea resources therein.

blake's jerusalem textual analysis
blake's textual analysis
blake's textual analysis four zoas
four zoas
blake's vortex
william blake's plot
blake's plot
blake's major prophecies
blake's four zoas
blake's myth
blake's jerusalem
blake's symbolism
blake's four zoas meaning
blake's satan christ
blake's jerusalem meaning
blake's symbolism four zoas jerusalem
william blake's four zoas
william blake's jerusalem
william blake's four zoas jerusalem analysis
blake's jerusalem zoas time space
blake's jerusalem visionary symbolism
four zoas blake plot
jerusalem blake plot
blake vision meaning
blake's myth meaning
blake's zoas emanations meaning
blake's albion jerusalem
blake's anglo celtic christianity
Blake's soteriology
blake's golgonooza zoas
blake's golgonooza jerusalem
blake mythological personae
blake albion's fall and salvation
blake's four fold vision vortex
blake's two three four fold vision
blake's golden string jerusalem
blake aesthetic unity jerusalem
blake aesthetic unity four zoas
blake textual analysis jerusalem
blake interpretation jerusalem
blake spirituality jerusalem
blake spirituality four zoas
blake's textual analysis
blake's two nights the seventh zoas
blake line by line analysis zoas jerusalem meaning
blake's sexuality zoas jerusalem
blake's major symbols
blake jerusalem beulah eden ulro generation
blake's mythological persona
blake psychology jerusalem
william blake's mythology
william blake's myth
blake's myth
blake's myth zoas
blake's myth jerusalem
william blake's plot
blake's narrative
william blake narrative jerusalem
blake erin jerusalem
blake's narrative jerusalem
blake's narrative the four zoas
blake's meaning
william blake's meaning
blake's golgonooza
william blake's golgonooza
blake's prophetic vision
william blake's jerusalem
blake's craftsmanship
william blake's craftsmanship
blake's visionary mythology
william blake's visionary mythology
william blake's prophetic epics meaning
blake's irony
blake line by line analysis four zoas
blake line by line analysis jerusalem
blake's two fold vision
blake's three fold vision
blake's four fold vision
blake's web veil symbolism
blake's fractal structure
william blake's theory of composition
william blake's fractal structure
blake fractal narrative
blake sexuality zoas four
blake sexuality
william blake's epics analysis
blake sexuality jerusalem

for individual Plates, the search line is 'blake's jerusalem chapter 1 (or 2 3 4)' then the plate number. also little details...eg. adding william, or an apostrophe, or using capitals rather than lower case, such as i use frequently...... gives different search lines.

a Google identity is an electronic reality......the net and blake's electronic identity within it is one of the immediate pedogogically practical critical challenges in the field of teaching blake; and i'm not alone in finding the William Blake Archive outstanding in the scope of its contribution.....it helps liberate the field of blake's massive works of literature and art and, following barthes, to give an foundation for seeing the almost infinite critical connective possibilities.....

one 'webfact/search engine fact' is that each Plate in Jerusalem is a mini-field with its own critically identifiable tradition of and for the Plate....Plate 78 is an excellent example, it displays a man with the bird's head and currently has 90400 entries. each Plate has, say, approx 80000-120000 entries, give or take a few thousand. That is some 10,000,000 entries for the 100 Plates as a whole, give or take a few 'irrelevant' million. As noted, the site i have here....www.thefourzoas.com.....rates page 1 , often number 1, on Google on virtually every Plate search and on many varients of Blake's The Four Zoas...... or Blake's Jerusalem......search line. being a technical and scholarly site such consistent interest shows a level of literacy of which the past and present existing educators of Blake have developed.

shifting fields and interests to philosophy of religion and the dead sea scrolls, my lecturing regularly but briefly visited Blake. now my years of research can now be gathered into an electronic whole, and, 'Blake' as a expanding whole thereby visible to a very large community who appreciate blake. my site has had 1,5000,000 odd hits......800-1000 and, harmoniously, 80-100 odd daily visits from 2003-2007......my point being, despite being significant net identities, all sites are in context tiny sites within the field of Blake, which is very large; thus the search lines.

such lines help enhance their sense of finding freshness. for me it is unlike research in texts or articles.........i'm in full support of the university secular tradition of the pursuit of truth, so that managing a grasp of the field as a whole is the responsibility of the professionals who 'police' the standards of the education market (following foucault here); and i see the aim of a doctorate is to achieve sufficient mastery of the field as a whole to make a significant contribution, in order that a philosophical position is achievable. hence my view of the search lines, sites and print.

were i to be teaching/lecturing/seminars/thesis supervision et al still, i 'd offer specific search strings to help students manage research on so vast a system as that of Blake's work on the net. very soon they would be on their own and a develop a personalised collection resource unique to each and to a collective resource. the 'book, book, book' approach is the usual student journey and justly so, thus the familiar course outline with bibliography: required texts, and selected reading and sites.....(and i think also search lines) for the course.

simply put, as stated irrefutably, the changed paradigm of the book is with us now. for educators, this is especially challenging when dyslexia and the like is taken into account. many dyslexics need computer visual alternatives to serial letter/number sequences. my son suggests japan has no significant national 'dyslexic problem' perhaps because their's is a hieroglyphic interconnected totality of concept. the ideogram (rather than the serial) up-and-down-floating-side-to-side-symbols-grasp-it-as-a-whole-seeing of the 'dyslexic' conceptualises the hieroglyphic as a whole. so i don't think just adding a web sites gives enough purposeful strength to research visualisations, there should be search lines provided and explained..............

these strings to me spiral out from the normalised information transmitting-and-processing knowledge pursuit lines. the net makes it possible to lateralise the imagination in new ways. for examples, three scholars broglio, baulch and whitson, write up intersesting IT and MOOspace courses. they are three fresh 'thinkers and teachers' of Blake, and their ideas offer fresh possibilities of time space connectivities, causality logic, multiplex levels, synchronicities and the like ....and so, careers, for research students. They take some finding on the web, its the critical line that steers the research links. again, take bentley's biography, essential reading and an exemplar of formal scholarship, it seems to be in a marketing cycle outside of easy net access, which to the now retired/outsider is a pity. i offer my work free.....as well as in a book.

i find most strings give the 'bookseller deals of the justly established few' early....such as the amazon book lots....then the 'journal/article regulars', such as JSTOR . Together, that helps give the serious student the formal state of the field. for me, very much a traditionalist textual critic, bearing in mind how few pages of anything any student has the time to read, quality of what is read, and what is heard, and what is noted, is everything. the pursuit of truth...the 'is it true', as connor at birkbeck wrote, is now 'what is it worth'

'cost analysis of per hour cost of student time' is what a student now pays, and pays out every hour over the course of as a whole. so the question of how much does it cost the student per hour to follow the teacher's learning path is the cost of the journey. it has to worth the price paid by the young. the now de facto legislated debt. buy post-secondary qualifications from educational privatism, and pay interest that is universally known to be 'overseas owned' in every country tax-havened heaven, and untaxed is lent back for a double-legislated profit (see july 10th..... evidence on 'equity' before the Commons Committee)..........for, if the young don't buy qualifications, they will lack proper future employment, pensions, housing or welfare.

for me, they are like buffalos driven over a cliff, the young are thereby legislated into debt..... now the old are emptied too, and their homes will not be passed on to heirs, but legally absorbed into legislated privatised 'care' in what many think is 'economic euthanisia'. the young and the old have been disinherited by the last PM's private equity, tax-avoidance, meta-rich 'party bungs' for election advertising for Parliament...that is now de facto privatised......this seems to me to be a 21st cent primitive backwards collapse into an equivalence to some medieval 'Morton's Fork' of tax recidivism.

like the 'ancien regime' (i.e. a tribunal, the person dragged before it, answers a few questions dragged out and judgement passed). just as in the 'market forces' of the 18th cent, there seems to be an uncontrolled abuse of slave/de facto slave labour (e.g. parts of china, india, africa)..... and the gutting of nature like never before in history. these political/economic views are mine, though i find them pretty generally shared. by contrast, Blake's vision expands ever outward and ever inward....and as with all great art, it heals.

thus, i see it like this: ......thefourzoas.com......has no monetary value, it is a scholar's site and runs at a loss; there is no money, or 'employment advantages' in this site and it is a very demanding 'read'. viewed in this angle of vision, its network search strings are lines of ideas, research possibilities, self-enhancement and the willing, mutual enhancement of others. it is dogmatic fact (e.g. coffey, stanilaoe) that we live our life through others, and that the pursuit of great wealth and power alike are based on lack of faith. here we have Blake's mythic and artistic confirmation of these dogmatic absolutes.