Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Two-fold war

What a lovely two-fold war...Blake didn't know about train crashes. We do. Leaders mean liars is a Urizenic consequence. He claimed to be God from eternity to eternity...he compresses inwards through the discourse of concentrations impacting in vortices to torus rings of linguistic briefness... the slogans are one torus that's easy and tight?...E=MC2 ... proves relativity... cries the absolutist... didn''t break the rules....cries the rule maker...value for money.... gobbles the pork barrel ...prohibition of pot and opiates...cry the pot capones ...tax avoidance call it ...'tax evadance'.... in the tax h(e)avens) ...cries the bankers.

Blake did write of child sacrifice. Men and Women in economic and sexual slavery... sacrificial ecstasy of Vala made mad, Like the WW I catastrophe with Field Marshall Haig sending hundreds of thousands into machine guns for months at the Somme. Didn't think of a new idea at all. Not one. Tanks were a problem. Didn't make sense. Like bankers and the lobby liars at the house of lords. And their sly ones about them. Blake's Babylon.

Killing to get energy... and the 20% of labour in India that are children.... make some 'entrepreneurs catastrophically slave energy addicted.

Can we see it? Looking through the three-fold lens at the two fold discourse?