Wednesday, 10 December 2008

the prophet? Blake sees prophecy as speaking out

10 years of stagnant median wages while profits pork barrel their chairman/ceo bonused way to today. there it is oh battered brothers and sisters...the wealthiest group of economic midwives in history have delivered poverty.

Blake's a man who sees this. He makes art out of this. Gives us a discourse not cranked out by greed.

I have done some further thinking on Blake's art. Gave a truly pleasurable lecture for the Blake Society ....the subject was the plot of Blake's Jerusalem.... and I gave another a week later in the City.... on the 'new' Jerusalem and London. The Blake enthusiasts at the Society were such a joy to meet. Not that the conference in the City was less enjoyable, I focused on Blake's art for the different audience.

That takes me on to the next phase in my work on Blake. The Four Zoas is currently being edited. The main body of the study finished and peer-reviewed...I am writing the final verision of the introduction now. It should be published in a month or three.

Blake's art must follow I think. I have not included the art in my two studies. First, the studies are massive enough already....and the art cannot be properly understood without the two very different myths and the two very different plots known. My study of Blake's art follows my understanding of his myths.